Led lighting OKC

The best source of event lighting in OKC we’ve found.


We have a great lighting source in OKC for lighting the owner of the company we are referring to is quite “bright” himself.

He has created lighting solution for many industries and several options to light up just about anything. The lighting systems are great because they are LED and offer a magnitude of multiple colors and lengths and styles of fixtures. They have everything from cool white light to Red. We love the fact they will ship to you free of charge. The lights themselves are created out of super-high-quality material that surpasses the industry standard and will last a very long time. We have a client that has been using his LED’s in a bit of a different way. The use of the lights creates millions of dollars in revenue for this company and their owners.

James the owner at Hail Restore has been on the tail of LEDs for a better part of almost a decade. “The auto hail damage industry has been blessed with these new age lights,” says James. “The lighting is perfect for how we see the hail damage on vehicles.” They use almost a 1/3 the energy of our old halogen lighting. We changed over to keep the technicians safe as well. The halogen lighting was creating a lot of fatigue on the PDR technicians eyes after many hours of work. “This has been a godsend.”

“The techs can work longer and not feel so drained,..” says James. He believes it is the future of the world to go all LED. to see LEDs in use James recommended checking out a video of dent repair in OKC. With the lighting scene changing every day with the advancements in LED technology the future for lighting looks bright. This is just a sample for the best place of lighting in OKC and the companies that rave about them. Follow us for more links to the sites that show some of our favorite vendors and companies we work with.


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